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SURVEY Body image may seem superficial and insignificant Since Turbulent Logisticians are more likely to value the opinions of others, not feeling good about the way they look can contribute to how they feel about themselves generally
Honest and Direct — Integrity is the heart of the Logistician personality type Often Unreasonably Blame Themselves — All this can combine to make Logisticians believe they are the only ones who can see projects through reliably

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Dealing with the Unexpected Stability is important to all Logisticians, but Turbulent Logisticians also need to find consistency in their lives.

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This factual decision-making process also makes it difficult for people with the Logistician personality type to accept that they were wrong about something — but anyone can miss a detail, even them
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Assertive Logisticians are less likely to be interested in what others think and are less likely to be open about their feelings
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Another way to look at this is that these personalities are also more responsive
Patient and determined, people with the Logistician personality type meet their obligations, period This may displace their aura of calm confidence more than they like
Assertive Logisticians are no different But more Turbulent Logisticians than Assertive ones say they set high standards when engaging in a new experience

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Because of the value Turbulent personalities place on the opinions of others, this can affect much in the life of the Turbulent Logistician.

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More Turbulent Logisticians also report that they often worry about their appearance
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Always by the Book — Logisticians believe that things work best with clearly defined rules, but this makes them reluctant to bend those rules or try new things, even when the downside is minimal
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Turbulent Logisticians are more emotionally reactive and are more likely to express and act on their emotions than Assertive personality types