عطور عبد الصمد القرشي. عطور عبدالصمد القرشي واسعارها 2021

Even in war, it is safe for human and environment -Wasting our time, fear of the wrong use of the peaceful Nuclear Reactors, regarding some of the countries
How it is always like to interfere with everything, proving its existence and hegemony by the language of weapon And if they use them, or threatening other countries with these weapons, all the world will go in to endless world war

أفضل ماركات العطور العربية المشهورة في عام 2021

And we still continuing our negotiation year after year, with many countries who are willing to upgrade the peaceful use to the military use.

فروع عبد الصمد القرشى فى قطر
These days, all the Industrial counties Oriented to the Solar Power, which is more effective in producing Energy
أفضل ماركات العطور العربية المشهورة في عام 2021
Not to mention that, we need a nuclear reactor for cooling the other reactors, which increasing the earths heat even more
اسعار عطور عبدالصمد القرشي 2021
As an advice, we have to use our open minded far beyond ourselves interests, in order to live peacefully
In other words waiting for something to happen while being benefited from this unstable situations in the Middle East -In addition, we have to focus on Solar Energy researches, rather than being affected by the interests of the Nuclear states, and their Nuclear researches
Ignoring what was formerly of breaches from Iran in importing and exporting weapons, while retaining its military interventions in Syria, Iraq and other countries -There is no full assurance of avoiding leakage or break of the reactor, regardless of the cause

أفضل ماركات العطور العربية المشهورة في عام 2021

Not like what is happening these days, of selling weapons to both sides of the warring parties, in anticipation for profits from arms trade.

عبدالصمد القرشي الكويت
In addition to the high impact of these accidents on the environment and human health, which is still nothing, in comparison with what will happen if it is being hit by a rocket or any kind of explosives
افضل عطر نسائي من عبد الصمد القرشي
And what i am sure of, even if this war ended, nothing useful will be lift in this polluted environment to be able to live, or even to be used by the damaged sick people, who could be survived after all this
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This chaos can be avoided by prevent selling weapons to the aggressors
In conclusion, real justice for the human being is that, no one infringes on the rights of the other, which is the only thing that guarantee safety and security for the hall world, in which each country has to apply by it self, not by external interference, which could lead to a chaos Oh God, decorate and protect us with cover and chastity, And carry us to justice and fairness And safe from all
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افضل عطور عبدالصمد القرشي

How do you expect this kind of country, under any kind of pressure, not to build a nuclear weapon, it is just a way of buying time.

فروع عبد الصمد القرشى فى قطر
In addition to what happens these days in Syria and Iraq, of killing civilians, due to there religious doctrine, arming Nasser Allah in Lebanon, Abdullmallek Al Hothey in the Yemen and …
عطور عبدالصمد القرشي واسعارها
Rather than destroying the hall world with our military industries, and then, searching for the war crimes, looking for donations to rebuild the devastated countries and help their injured, damaged people
مصنع عبدالصمد القرشي
Off course every country looking for their interests, by using the most advance powerful weapon it has