Bla. Frequently Asked Questions About Therapeutic Biological Products

A potency assay is required due to the complexity and heterogeneity of biologics For biological products that had been previously approved via NDA e
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The BLA is an independent regulator within the Victorian Government's Justice portfolio, operating under the Business Licensing Authority Act 1998 the Act.

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In contrast to chemically synthesized small molecular weight drugs, which have a well-defined structure and can be thoroughly characterized, biological products are generally derived from living material--human, animal, or microorganism-- are complex in structure, and thus are usually not fully characterized
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Issuance of a biologics license is a determination that the product, the manufacturing process, and the manufacturing facilities meet applicable requirements to ensure the continued safety, purity and potency of the product
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In general, an NDA should contain enough data for the FDA to determine if the drug is safe and effective for its proposed use, if the benefits of taking the drug outweigh the risks, and if the drug product is manufactured in a way that preserves its identity, strength, quality, and purity.

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BLA vs NDA: Regulatory Differences For Market Approval
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